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Miscellaneous Information:

A quick free search will be conducted to see if any records match your information. If a match is found, you will be sent payment details with instructions to pay through Pay Pal, usually within 24 hours.

The standard search fee will be £3.00. Once the payment is received you will be sent an email containing the information held along with any other records identified as linked direct to the found record. i.e. people in the same grave, on the same monument or at the same property. You will also be notified if a photograph is available to purchase.

If the information is still being added to the database, you will be notified when the records have been added. The fees for the optional photos (where available) will be advised at the time.

Searches will be attempted using as little or as much detail as you are able to provide and where possible should include: (Tip - copy this criteria to your email request)

  • Surname:
  • Forename:
  • Year of death:
  • Address/Town:
  • Last known information: (i.e. Wife Betty died 1831 or Census information)
  • Any known relatives: