Ingrow, St. Johns Parish Church.The memorial inscriptions listed below were transcribed by me during visits to the cemetery in 1997, and by referring to the original full transcription of the cemetery by Mr. E. Trolley.

Mr. Trolley's document can be found in the Keighley reference library and I would like to thank him for his tireless work in its production, and his permission to use the data.

Note; the numbers to the left of the inscriptions are merely for my own reference and have no bearing on the location of the site or to any other document.

A War Memorial honoring the areas fallen soldiers of World War 1 is also located in the grounds.

It is my understanding that not all relevant details have been documented in the memorial Inscriptions. This is due to the large number of gravestones damaged by inconsiderate vandals.  I am advised that steps have been taken to rectify the damage in recent years and will be interested to see the results on my next visit.

Those with an interest in these details should also see the Burial Register and War Memorial.


In Loving Memory of William Feather born November 15th 1826 died December 15th 1897.
Also of his five children & two grand children.
Also of Ann his wife born November 24th 1824 died March 17th 1903.


In Memory of Enoch son of Thomas & Harriet Feather of Keighley who died January 19th 1858 aged 8 years.
Also Fred their son who died October 24th 1863 in the 1st year of his age.
Also of Sarah Ann their daughter who died January 8th 1868 in the 2nd year of her age.
Also of Jonas their son who died March 23rd 1870 in the 1st year of his age.
Also of Alice Maude their daughter who died February 9th 1873 in the 1st year of her age.
Also of Mathew their son who died October 30th 1889 in the 37th year of his age and was interred at Willow Cemetery Nevada N.V. U.S.A.


In Loving Memory of Annie the beloved wife of Holmes Feather of Ingrow who died October 20th 1903 in her 35th year.  Thy Will Be Done.
Also of the above named Holmes Feather who died December 22nd 1952 in his 85th year.
And of Mary the dearly loved wife of the above Holmes Feather who died September 13th 1962 in her 83rd year.


Peace Perfect Peace. In Loving Memory of Feather Earnshaw of Hainworth Lane who died October 18th 1905 aged 76 years.
Also of Sarah his wife who died August 24th 1902 aged 72.


In Loving Memory of Thomas Feather of Ingrow who died November 23rd 1923 aged 90 years.
Also Sarah Ann his wife who died October 12th 1898 aged 55 years.
Also of Tom Richardson Whiteway who died April 1st 1905 aged 28 years.  Rest at Eventide.


In Loving Memory of Joseph Feather of Hermit Hole who died July 16th 1897 aged 68 years.
Also of Susannah his wife who died October 25th 1873 aged 42 years.  Also of 3 children who died in infancy.
Also of Maria his wife who died December 16th 1914 aged 80 years.  Thy will be done.


In Loving Memory of George beloved husband of Maria Feather of Stavely Road Ingrow who died December 3rd 1897 in his 36th year.
In the midst of life we are in death.


In Loving Memory of Herbert the beloved son of George and Sarah Elizabeth Feather of Ingrow who died April 16th 1881 in his 3rd year.
Also of Margeret their daughter who died November 17th 1891 in her 18th year.
Also of Harry their son who died February 21st 1893 in his 13th year.
Also of Ada their daughter who died March 26th 1894 in her 12th year.
Also of the above Sarah E. Feather who died October 21st 1914 in her 66th year. Also the above George Feather who died March 6th 1925 aged 75 years.
Mary Alice Rhodes died March 12th 1933 aged 61 years. James Henry Rhodes husband of the above died April 18th 1933 aged 59 years.

A. Binns Keighley


In Loving Memory of Luke Feather of Ingrow born February 26th 1865 died November 17th 1903.
Also of Clarice daughter of the above Luke & Ada Feather born October 26th 1894 died April 9th 1905.
Also of Annie who died in infancy.
Also in Loving Memory of Samuel Greenwood died February 26th 1908 in his 41st year.  Thy will be done.
Also of their son Harry W. Feather died November 14th 1925 in his 32nd year.


At Rest.   In Memoriam Herbert the beloved son of Edwin & Alice Feather died of wounds in Belgium November 9th 1918 aged 20 years.
Arthur their son died in infancy.
Also of the above Alice Feather who died December 27th 1950 aged 80 years.
Also of Edwin Feather who died April 8th 1953 aged 81 years.