Mrs. Annie Feather was the station mistress at the Damems Railway Station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (KWVR).

Damems (pronounced Dam-emms) station has a ticket-cum-station masters office, waiting room, toilet, signal box and house still in KWVR ownership. This 'full-size' station is the smallest in Britain.

Damems station was opened in 1847 with the purpose of serving a small mill close-by. The platform has only ever been one coach length but there used to be a siding on the site which is now occupied by the station house on the opposite side to the platform.

From 1928 until the station closed in 1949 Mrs. Annie Feather who lived in the station house opened the level crossing, by hand. She operated the signals from a ground frame in the front garden.

In 1971 the frame that had been used in Annie Feather's garden was transferred into a cabin that had been acquired from Earby Gates on the then Skipton to Colne line.

Damems Railway Station has been featured in many television and film productions.  The most recent being in the UK TV series "Born and Bred".

I would like to acknowledge the KWVR web site for supplying the above information. More information and photographs of the historic railway can be obtained by visiting their web site.