The following details are taken from the publication "Monumental Inscriptions At Stanbury Cemetery Near Haworth." Which is compiled and published by the Keighley and District Family History Society.

I am grateful to the Society for allowing their permission to reproduce the information on this web site.

Note - The reference numbers given are taken from the above publication.


(Kerbs cut and stacked with inscriptions front and back)
In memoriam of Elizabeth beloved wife of William Feather who died 24th October 1900 aged 63 years.
Also of the forenamed William Feather who died 25th January 1903 aged 63 years.
Also Robert beloved husband of Sarah Ann Hutchinson who died 17th January 1960 aged 88 years.
Also Sarah Ann Hutchinson who died 7th February 1968 aged 88 years.


(Kerbs cut and stacked)
In loving memory of James Feather who died May 14th 1915 aged 68(?) years.
Ann wife of James Feather of Stanbury who died June 23rd 1899 aged 60 years.


In loving memory of Albert beloved son of James and Sally Feather of Slack Farm, Stanbury who died October 1st 1919 aged 35 years.
Also of the above named James Feather died February 15th 1922 aged 68 years.


In loving memory of Spencer Feather  who died 22nd May 1918 aged 45 years.
Also of Alice his beloved wife who died 5th August 1959 aged 81 years.   "At Rest.


In ever loving memory of Arthur beloved husband of Annie Feather of Halifax, late of Oakworth, who died October 21st 1898 aged 29 years.   "In the midst of life we are in death."
Also Annie wife of Frederick Mitchell (widow of the above) who died November 30th 1944 aged 74 years.


(Kerbs cut and stacked)
Front: In loving memory of.
Back: James Feather who died October 15th 1927 aged 56 years.
Also Maria his beloved wife who died November 18th 1956 aged 68 (?) years.


In loving memory of a Dear wife and mother Margaret Ellen Feather of Pickles Hill, late of Lodge Farm, Oakworth, 1881 - 1953.   "She did what she could."
Also Fred Feather beloved husband of the forenamed 1882 - 1957.
Also Mary Jane Dear wife of Dennis Fearnside 1911 - 1973.   Cremated at Oakworth. 
Also of the above named Dennis Fearnside 1913 - 1973.


In loving memory of John Feather son of the late Samuel Feather of Stanbury died July 5th 1933 aged 67 years.
Also of his sister Lily Robinson died October 4th 1956 aged 80 years.