The following pictures and data are kindly supplied by Mr. Allan Smith.

The boy on the second row back, second from the left with the neckerchief style shirt is Bracewell Smith who in 1946 became Sir Bracewell Smith, Lord Mayor of London and gave Cliff Castle to the people of Keighley in 1950. Born in 1884, he looks to be about eight years old here, which dates this picture at around 1892.

It is a detail taken from another class photo, the original of which is no longer available.


Wesley Place Circa 1892


The full class photo is of Group 2.

The grandfather of Allan Smith, Ernest Smith is on the second row from the front, one hand on his left knee, and his brother, Harry sits in front of him directly behind the small blackboard.

Assuming the children to have been seven or eight years old, this photograph would have been taken in 1893 or 1894.



Wesley Place Circa 1894


The following two pictures have kindly been donated by Noel Feather of York.


Wesley Place Infants 1899




If anyone is able to shed any further light on the photos, or add to this collection, please contact me.