This class picture was taken in the early to mid 1960's. Can anyone shed any more light on it, or the students?


Wesley Place Class 1


Back Row Left to Right; Melvin Dempster, Christopher Coates, David Feather, Lorna Wood, Wendy Parish, Linda Carr.

Centre Row Left to Right; Adrian Kennedy, Allan Hargreaves, Peter Watson, Angela Read, Linda Harrison, Heather Coates.

Front Row Left to Right; Brian Ashton, Keith Patterson, Kevin Halstead, Allan Bailey, John Firth, Jean Miller, Joan McDonnell, Cheryl Dempster.

Teachers Mr. Whalley and Mrs. Pighills.


Wesley Place Class 2


Back Row Left to Right; Peter Watson, Peter McDonnell, Alan Hargreaves, David Feather, Brian Christian.

Second Row Left to Right; Sally Lawson, David Jones, Heather Parish, Andrew Coates, Linda Harrison.

Third Row Left to Right; (Standing) Pamela McDonnell, (Seated) Jean Miller, Lorna Wood, Christopher Coates, Joanne Joinson, Adrian Kennedy, Shirley Ashley.

Front Row Left to Right; Ann Storey, Heather Coates, Jeanette Scott, Maxine Thompson, Ailsa Bailey, Susan Allatt.

Teacher Mr. Whalley.


This class picture was taken about 1965 and was kindly supplied by Martin and Mark Jennings. Can anyone shed any light on the unnamed students.

Wesley Place Class 3


Back Row Left to Right; Richard Gaukrodger, Martin Jennings, Kevin Halstead , John Firth, Guy Hargreaves

Second Row Left to Right; Adele Hargreaves, Stephen Ruddock, Angela Read, Brian Ashton, Teresa McConnell.

Third Row Left to Right; Christine Storey, Joan or Jean McDonnell, Melvin Dempster, Allan Bailey, Linda Carr, Sheryl Dempster, Jennifer Clarke.

Front Row Left to Right; ?, Wendy Parish, Christine McDonnell, Maria Coffey, Joan Miller, Doreen Ruddock.

Teacher Mrs. Pighills.


This is the proud football team that won only a couple of its many games.  If you recognize any of the names to be incorrect, please let me know so that I can fix the problem.


Wesley Place Football Team

Back row Left to Right;

Brian Coates, Peter McDonnell, Christopher Coates, Richard Gaukrodger, Brian Firth, Allan Hargreaves.

Front Row Left to Right;

Peter Watson, David Feather, Kevin Halstead, Brian Christian, Allan Bailey, Brian Ashton, Adrian Kennedy.

Teacher Mr. Whalley.


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