The following photo and text are extracted from the Keighley News as archived in the Keighley Library.

Keighley News, February 17th 1978

Wesley Place under demolition


"Demolition work has started on the former Wesley Place School. In May last year a spokesman for the district council's educational building section said the building had been released from educational use.

It was some time earlier that the schools panel agreed that Wesley Place was surplus to requirements and the decision to demolish the building as opposed to offering it for sale, is because it has deteriorated into a fairly dangerous condition.

It has been the target for vandals in recent months. "It is in bad shape" said a building section spokesman this week. "The site will be leveled out and the old cellars filled in to make them safe". He said that stone from the building is to be retained so that it can be dressed and reused at some future date.

The building section have no definite future use in mind for the stone though there is further school development planned for the town in the foreseeable future. For instance the building of a replacement for Hartington Middle School is on the cards and a compulsory purchase order issued in respect of land at Haworth.  But there have been objections and it will be the subject of a public inquiry in the near future".