WOBGThe Lowertown old Buial Ground in Oxenhope is situated on the north side of Denholm Road, near the intersection with Jew Lane.  It adjoined the Lowertown Wesleyan Chapel built in 1805.  Together they were the first chapel and burial ground in Oxenhope.

The first burial took place on the 14th May 1807 and was in continuous use to 1908.

The information on this page has been transcribed from the excellent publication Lowertown Old Burial Ground and Life in Oxenhope 1807 - 1908, written by Dorinda Kinghorn and Norma Mackrell.  I would like to thank Norma Mackrell for permission to use some of the content on this site.  The reference numbers produced herein also refer to the publication.

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Timothy Feather of Lowertown who died January 25th 1856 aged 32 years.  Also of Sarah Ann daughter of the above Timothy and Betty Feather who died August 6th 1851 aged 4 years.  Also Sarah their daughter who died in infancy.  Also the above named Betty Feather who died October 8th 1898 aged 72 years.

The inscription on this huge upright stone faces the opposite way to all other memorials and is also placed at the other end of the grave.  It can be seen very easily from the entrance.  Timothy Feather was born in 1823 and was one of the younger children of Benjamin and Amy Feather.  He married Betty Sharp in 1847 and they lived at Steps Bottom, near Holme Mill.  The 1851 census return shows Timothy was an overlooker in a worsted factory.  He was killed in a quarry accident at the age of 32 and shortly afterwards their infant daughter died.  Grace was their youngest daughter and is also buried here, but Elizabeth who married Blackburn Robinson and is buried in the new graveyard at Leeming Bottom.

See Headstone.


In memory of Mary the wife of James Feather of Sowood who died February 16th 1831 aged 39 years.  Also of Benjamin son of James and Sarah Holmes of High Binns who died January 15th 1861 aged 12 weeks.  Also of Maryann their daughter who died February 6th 1866 in the 15th year of her age.  Also the above named James Holmes who died May 16th 1868 in the 63rd year of his age.  Also of the above named James Feather who died March 9th 1870 in the 77th year of his age.  Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour, as ye think not the son of man cometh.

James and Mary Feather (nee Sunderland) were married at Haworth Church on Christmas Eve 1820 by Rev Patrick Bronte.

On the 12th Feb 1870 the Keighley News printed a report headed “Dastardly Conduct”  “During the present week three cows have died belonging to Mr James Feather, farmer of High Binns, Oxenhope, which it is supposed had been by some dastardly villain or villains.  It is reported that recently some food bails containing poison were found in a field not far from the place.”  Worse was to follow for the family as their James Feather died on the 9th March 1870.  In the 12th March edition of the Keighley News an article entitled “Shocking death of a farmer at Oxenhope” appeared.  “On Wednesday afternoon Mr James Feather, farmer of High Binns, Oxenhope met with his death in a shocking manner.  About six o’clock in the evening a man named William Hopkinson found the deceased’s body with the neck apparently dislocated, in a ditch on his own farm.  He was quite dead.  The deceased had last been seen alive by Mrs Sarah Holmes, his daughter, about half past three o’clock and he then went out for the purpose of cutting some hedges.  From the circumstances under which the body was found, it would appear that he had been cutting the hedge when, by some means, he had fallen over the fence into the ditch.  Deceased was seventy years of age.

His death certificate gives his age at 76 and cause of death “Found dead in a field.  No marks of violence.  Natural causes.”  The epitaph on the gravestone now becomes more significant.  The hawthorn hedges are still there.



In memory of John son of Timothy and Betty Feather of Scarhill who died June 19th 1846 in the 20th year of his age.  Also of the above named Timothy Feather who died May 18th 1853 in the 63rd year of his age.  Also of the above Betty Feather who died March 25th 1856 in the 63rd year of her age.  Also Rebecca Goldthorpe their daughter who died June 21st 1889 in her 69th year.

In 1851 the family were living at Hils Stile (the old Coop Row, Leeming).  Timothy a retired wool comber was now a pauper, his wife Betty was a charwoman, daughters Martha a dressmaker, Hannah and Susannah worsted spinners and son William a wool comber.

In the Keighley Union parochial list of Out-Door Poor, the list of paupers for the half year ending March 26th 1850, gives Timothy Feather of Scar Hall,  There were 6 in the family and the cause of his requiring relief was that he was “weak in intellect, subject to fits, daughter lame and bad health.”  The amount given in the half year was £3.3.0.  Michael Akeroyd was present at the death of Timothy in 1853 but the cause of death was unknown.



Sacred to the memory of Joseph son of Lancelot and Hannah Feather of Bank Bottom who died May 19th 1837 in the 20th year of his age.   Also of Hannah Daughter of Joseph and Susannah Ogden of Leeming who died December 5th 1854 in the 1st year of her age.  Also of John their son who died July 13th 1864 in the 6th year of his age.  Also of Driver their son who died July 13th in the 4th year of his age.  Also of Ernest their son who died June 24th 1879 in the first year of his age.

Lancelot and Hannah Feather buried three other children: Mary in Jan 1814, Gorge (sic) in Jan 1815and Miliah in May 1816.  Also buried are the four children of joseph and Susannah Ogden who all died under the age of six.