I suspect that the A in Feather has been inserted by the original transcriber, who is unknown.


Surname Christian Relation Date Abode
FEATHER Anne Dau of George Jul 7. 1710
FEATHER Anne Widdow of George May 1673
FEATHER Anne Widdow of Nathan May 1724
FEATHER Child Child of Robert ?? 1685
FEATHER Child Child of Thomas Aug 1678
FEATHER Child Child of Nathan Dec 1694
FEATHER Child Child of John Feb 1694
FEATHER Child Child of Edward Jun 1691
FEATHER Child Child of Edward Jun 1696
FEATHER Child Child of Robert May 1691
FEATHER Child Child of Edward May 23. 1720 Haworth
FEATHER Daughter Dau of Thomas Jul 1664
FEATHER Edward Spinner Oct 1721 Haworth
FEATHER Elizabeth Wife of Edward Mar 21. 1709 Poor
FEATHER Grace Dau of John Jul 1675
FEATHER Isaac Son of Edward Feb 14. 1713
FEATHER James Son of Edward Apr 20. 1714
FEATHER John Dec 6. 1706
FEATHER John Son of Edward Feb 1676
FEATHER John Son of Robert Mar 1676 Far Oxenhope
FEATHER John May 1676 Haworth
FEATHER Joshua Oct 16. 1712 Far Oxenhope
FEATHER Martha Dau of Robert Jun 1691
FEATHER Mary Wife of John Sep 1682 Far Oxenhope
FEATHER Mary Wife of Thomas Aug 18. 1719 West Croft Head
FEATHER Mary Wife of David Mar 22. 1726 Far Oxenhope
FEATHER Nathan Jan 1704
FEATHER Nathan A poor man Sep 21. 1709
FEATHER Old Henry Nov 1682
FEATHER Old' John Oct 1680 Near Oxenhope
FEATHER Richard Nov 1682 Far Oxenhope
FEATHER Robert A poor man Apr 8. 1720 Near Oxenhope
FEATHER Robert Apr. 1645
FEATHER Sarah Dau of George Aug 1676 Over Town
FEATHER Sarah Wife of Edward Mar 1675?
FEATHER Susan Wife of Joshua Jun 1675
FEATHER Susannah May 1691
FEATHER Thomas Son of Thomas Aug 1675
FEATHER Thomas Jan 1693
FEATHER Thomas Jan 1707
FEATHER Thomas A poor man Mar 1700
FEATHER Wife Wife of George ?? 1685
FEATHER Wife Wife of Thomas Mar 1698