The following details are taken from the publication "Penistone Hill Cemetery, Volumes 1 and 2" which are compiled and published by the Keighley and District Family History Society. I am grateful to the Society for allowing their permission to reproduce limited information on this web site.

All photos by David Feather 2012.

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  Penistone Hill Cemetery, Haworth. Penistone Hill Cemetery, Haworth. Penistone Hill Cemetery, Haworth.  Penistone Hill Cemetery, Haworth.






Perimeter of Cemetery


In loving memory of Alfred Feather of South View, Haworth who departed this life October 30th 1931 in his 72nd year.

Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who departed this life April 25th 1941 in her 81st year.

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In everlasting memory of Benjamin Holmes Feather born May 7th 1850 died June 25th 1927.  'Until the day dawns and we meet again'.

Also of Alice his beloved wife who died March 26th 1960 aged 76 years.  'Reunited'.



In memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Edward Feather of Park Avenue, Oakworth.  Born October 12th 1854 died March 7th 1927.

Also of Edward Feather born September 9th 1856 died July 24th 1939.

Also of Lavinia their daughter born December 28th 1894 died January 19th 1957.


Bottom Right Hand Quarter


In loving memory of Hannah Isabel Feather a dear wife and mother died January 8th 1969 aged 47 years.

Also Leo husband of the above died December 24th 1980 aged 83 years.



Sweet memories of Margaret Elizabeth precious daughter of Edgar and Annie Feather dear sister of Catherine of Pin Hill End Farm, Oxenhope.  Fell asleep September 13th 1967 aged 18 years.  'She brightened all the joy of life'.

Also the above Edgar Feather died August 5th 1985 aged 72 years.

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In loving memory of Edith the beloved wife of Edwin Feather of Haworth who died August 14th 1925 aged 43 years.

Also the above Edwin Feather who died June 6th 1942 aged 74 years.  'A life well spent'.

Also Edith Toothill Feather wife of the above who died December 2nd 1947 aged 68 years.  'At Rest'.

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Top Right Hand Quarter


In loving memory of George Feather late of Heysham born April 2nd 1859 died April 12th 1935.

Mary Hannah his wife died May 1st 1946 aged 83 years.

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In loving memory of Julian Feather of Haworth died August 29th 1922 aged 40 years.

Also Mary Ann Inman who died July 6th 1957 aged 72 years.


Bottom Left Hand Quarter


In loving memory of a dear husband Louis Feather died October 5th 1956 aged 65 years.

Lean his beloved wife died August 26th 1957 aged 74 years.

Nora their daughter died in infancy 1921.



To the dear memory of Ann the beloved wife of Percival Feather of Haworth died December 29th 1906 in her 35th year.

Also of the above Percival Feather died November 6th 1944 in his 78th year.

Also of Mary his wife died July 14th 1941 in his 72nd year.

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W. Feather - Owner



In loving memory of Alice, beloved wife of Bert Feather died April 3rd 1954 aged 64 years.

Also the aforenamed Bert Feather died December 22nd 1960 aged 72 years.

Also Clarence beloved husband of Norah Feather died March 2nd 1960 aged 69 years.



In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Ethel Feather died July 3rd 1962 aged 68 years.

Also a dear husband and father Bertie Feather died 30th January 1963 aged 73 years.

Also their son Geoffrey died March 20th 1989 aged 59 years.





























































At the time of publication no 'Feather' graves were located in the Top Left Hand Quarter of the Cemetery.