The following details are taken from the publication "Oakworth Crematorium Cemetery, Volumes 1 and 2" which are compiled and published by the Keighley and District Family History Society. I am grateful to the Society for allowing their permission to reproduce limited information on this web site.

Photo by M. Reeves.



Volume 1


Treasured memories of a dear husband and father James Feather who passed away 23rd March 1939 aged 66 years.

Also our dear mother Mary Ann Feather who passed away 8th November 1960 aged 84 years.

Also John dearly loved spn of the above who passed away 28th September 1969 aged 64 years.

Lewis dearly loved son of the above died July 27th 1979 aged 76 years.  'The Cross shall wear the Crown.'

Daughter and sister of the above Ivy Reynard 25.3.1916 - 23.5.1992.

Also Lena Wilkinson beloved daughter of James and Mary and dear sister of Lewis John and Ivy, died April 26th 2001 aged 94 years.  'In Light of the glorious dawn'



In loving memory of Lillian the beloved wife of Harry of Grafton Road, Keighley died April 26th 1937 aged 35 years.

Also of her dear mother Selina Ellen Wharton of Broomhill Avenue, Keighley died June 10th 1959 aged 83 years.

Also Harry Feather of Westfield Crescent, Riddlesden died August 21st 1969 aged 71 years.

Also Stuart Wharton Feather beloved husband of Muriel Claydon Feather dear son of Lillian and Harry Feather died August 9th 2002 aged 75 years.



In loving memory of Miriam daughter of John and Margaret Annie Feather of Oakworth who died August 13th 1920 aged 24 years.

Also the above John Feather died August 29th 1926 aged 59 years.

Margaret Annie his beloved wife who died July 12th 1953 aged 79 years.

'The bond that links our souls together no mortal power can ever sever'.



In loving memory of Harry Feather died March 23rd 1944

And Elsie his wife died March 30th 1966.



Treasured Memories of Susannah dearly loved wife of Ellis Feather, Dockroyd died December 6th 1944 aged 68 years.

Also of the above Ellis Feather died December 31st 1949 aged 75 years.  'Reunited.'


Volume 2


In loving memory of my dear husband Harry Feather died June 13th 1956 aged 64 years.

Also his wife Sarah died March 7th 1944 aged 74 years.

Note - I suspect the year 1944 should be 1964 DF.



In loving memory of Sam Feather who died April 3rd 1928 aged 67 years.

Also of Sarah Hannah beloved wife of the above who died August 21st 1935 aged 67 years.



In loving memory of Beatrice Feather of 'Avon Dean' Moorlands, Oakworth who died September 3rd 1952 aged 72 years.

Also Walter Feather beloved husband of the above who died July 19th 1955 aged 72 years.



In loving memory of a dear husband and father Norman Feather 1904 - 1959.

Elsie a dear wife and mum 1904 - 1984.

Kathleen Margaret Hartley their daughter 1934 - 1988.  'Ever Remembered'.

A dear father Lancelot Gill Dixon 1871 - 1927

Also a dear wife and mother Harriet Hannah 1866 - 1954.