The following details are taken from the publication "MI’s St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Keighley" which are compiled and published by the Keighley and District Family History Society. I am grateful to the Society for allowing their permission to reproduce limited information on this web site.


44 Susannah wife of Charles Smith of Kly. 6 Jul 1829 49th Yr.
Charles 25 Apr 1838 53rd Yr.
Sarah Ann their dau and wife of George Feather 8 Jul 1851 32nd Yr.

112 Benjamin Feather of Keighley 28 Mch 1873 67th Yr.
Mary his wife. 15th Apr 1867 61st Yr.
Selina Daughter 10 Jan 1842 14th Yr.
Joseph son. 4 Jan 1844 26Aug 1896 52 Yrs.

242 Thomas Feather of Ingrow 13 Feb 1837 37yrs.

256 Five children of Timothy and Susanna Feather of Paper Mill Bridge.
Pauline 1830 3rd Yr.
Rebecca 1842 2nd Yr.
Horsfall 1836 8th Yr.
Mary Ann 1838 5th Yr.
Joseph 1838 8th Yr.

Also 3 children
Eliza 1841 1 Yr
Alice 1841 3rd Yr.
Sarah Infant
Susannah wife 7 Nov 1853 56th Yr.

277 John Feather 30 Jul 1870 56th Yr.
Sarah his wife 19 Jul 1873 58th Yr.
Mary Ann Dau. 26th Aug 1840 1st Yr
Susannah Dau. 30th Apr 1845 4th Yr.
An Infant son.
Mary Jane Dau. 17th Jun 1851 4th Yr.

1026 I.M.O. George Feather of Harehill. Died 26th May 1811 aged 48.
Also Mary his Dau. Died 23 Jul 1821 aged 25.
And Hannah his Dau. Died 23rd Jul 1821 aged 25.